Practical Completion in Tottenham Hale

We are thrilled to announce the end of the construction period of One Ashley Road in North London.

Our scheme’s hexagonal plan geometry, colour and patterning are inspired by Tottenham’s historic local context. The Eagle Pencil Co, later taken over by Berol, operated a factory in the Hale from 1907 to 1992. With a rich orange brick outer skin and a faceted metal courtyard façade, our design employs the graphic colours and hexagonal forms of the iconic Berol Eagle Pencil. These have been translated formally as abstract surface patterns within the architecture of the building, gathering and reflecting light into its heart.

A secluded residents podium garden and resident’s co-work space at third floor level is sheltered from street noise; at 7th floor level, a south-facing communal roof garden is visible from afar. With a double-height colonnade offering a civic frontage to Tottenham Hale, this building will bring identity, character, human scale and joy to its new and existing communities.

Visualization shows the view of the building directly after exiting Tottenham Hale station

Declan Walker